Director of Product

  • Indefinite
  • Full time
  • Hybrid (Spain)
  • Product

We're looking for a Director of Product with a proven track record to lead our product team at Plytix. Our current product team is located in Malaga, Spain and it would be preferable if the person to join the team would be too.

What is Plytix?

This is where you’d typically see a long paragraph of boring text that no one reads, peppered with corporate buzzwords that don’t mean anything. But Plytix is no typical company so we’ll spare you that. Instead, watch this video, and if you like what you see, keep scrolling.

What’s the opportunity?

We are looking for someone who can manage the Product team at Plytix. The team currently consists of two Product Managers (PMs), two UI Designers, and a Multichannel Commerce Specialist. Plytix is a product-first company and is considered one of the global leaders within PIM (Product Information Management). Plytix is especially known to be the best PIM in the world for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), and your role is to help us maintain and further strengthen that position in the market. You’ll be managing an extremely versatile and talented team of professionals and your primary job is to enable that team to build the indisputably best PIM in the world for SMBs.

What will you be doing?

  • Manage and coordinate the Product team
  • Conduct market research and competitive analysis
  • Understand and analyze users’ needs and requests, and then translate them into product requirements
  • Review, refine and add new product metrics. Analyze them and extract actionable insights
  • Assist the founders on defining the best product strategy by providing them all the information and insights relevant to  form a robust product strategy
  • Implement the product strategy communicated by the founders
  • Assist and guide PMs ithrough prioritizing feature development using concepts like an impact score system to guide the decisions.
  • Effectively communicate our product releases, strategies, etc. both internally and externally 
  • Identify market trends, understand positioning, and influence the go-to-market strategy in the commercial teams

After 1 month:

You will be trained in PIM basics, and have gained working knowledge of the capabilities of our software. You will also have spent a large portion of your time engaging with our customer success team and observing client interactions. You’ll also be part of those interactions by taking actual client chat requests.

You’ll have concluded your tour of duty in the QA department, performing a test plan in our tool that will show you the hidden corners of the PIM. You’ll experience some of the pains our clients face while using the software, so you can start identifying areas of improvement.

After 3 months:

You’ll have a complete understanding of the dynamics of the Product team, from the tools they use to the different processes and how’s the relationship and collaboration with other departments. You’ll be able to suggest improvements and refinements that allow Product to work more efficiently.

You’ll have been working with your team members for a while and will be running regular 1:1s with them. You’ll have a picture of all the skills available in the team and will have identified areas for improvement.

You're running point on the PIM product. You've helped plan and execute a few successful releases. You're analyzing user feedback, product metrics, running investigations, and reviewing documentation and specifications for new features and improvements. At this stage you’re starting to set things in motion and directing the team to reach the roadmap goals.

6 months in:

You have a complete understanding of everything going on in Product and how everything fits in the company’s strategy. You know the market, how we compare to our competitors and you have a plan of what we need to do to win.

You’re already providing the founders with useful insights based on the data and feedback you’ve processed and helping them make the right strategic decisions.

Who will you be working with?

You’ll be in direct contact and reporting to the founders, discussing the technical viability and complexity of the features you plan to ship. You'll be collaborating with product managers, designers, engineers, product specialists (to shape releases), and the commercial team (to launch them). You'll also need to be comfortable speaking directly with high-level stakeholders, executives, and customers.

We expect you to:

  • Have at least 6 years of experience working with software Products, leading cross-functional team projects, managing competing priorities, and influencing stakeholders
  • Have at least 2 years experience working in SaaS products
  • Have at least 3 years of experience managing teams
  • Preferably have experience working in the ecommerce industry
  • Have experience with and a passion for data analysis 
  • Have in-depth experience with collaboration tools
  • Enjoy working in a team/collaborative environment
  • Be a creative problem solver who uses evidence-based decision making to face challenges and communicate outcomes
  • Be able to collect and balance feedback from a variety of different stakeholders
  • Have excellent written and spoken communication skills in English (Spanish is a big bonus)
  • Be organized, communicate clearly and transparently, and run projects like a well-oiled machine
  • Be familiar with and comfortable with design-thinking, iterative processes, and the uncertainty that sometimes comes with it

Why work at Plytix?

🏆 Voted Malaga’s #1 employer by Great Place to Work®

❤️ Be a part of a welcoming culture with bright, friendly people from around the world

🌱 Have a purpose and plenty of opportunities to grow from day one

🖥 Work from home or from our offices in the center of Malaga

🏡 Flexible working hours and unlimited remote days

💰 Will be determined based on experience and expertise

🎂 Get an extra day off on your birthday, Christmas Eve, and New Years Eve

🏅 Earn bonuses for being a good colleague or in our Growth Program

🍲 Enjoy free catered lunches and unlimited ice cream when working from the office

🩺 Private health insurance covered by Plytix

💳 Sodexo Flexible Retribution (Restaurant & Nursery Vouchers)

🏋 Customizable perks package* including entertainment, a gym membership, language lessons and nursery and restaurant vouchers.

About our culture:

If you love reading ‘empowering’ phrases like “vibrant collective” and “innovative individuals,” then be prepared to be disappointed…

That’s because to get a typical result, you have to do only typical things. But that’s not really our style.

We’re a community of chill and fun-loving humans who believe that work doesn’t have to be boring. We make each day exciting by collaborating together and enjoying the occasional bout of silliness: like a pool competition, potluck, party, or game of padel.

We’re kind of the cool kids in the PIM playground (if we do say so ourselves), and we love to challenge the status quo to help anyone break free from f*#king boring spreadsheets